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We are a young company that understands the importance of technology nowadays and uses it in its processes of recruiting international students that apply for courses and visas in Australia. We offer an online platform that allows us to optimize our free advisory work for our students. The use of technological resources allows us to reduce costs and centralize processes, giving us the possibility to offer our students value-added services included in their study packages, at no cost to them. Each student also receives AuStudyCoins in each package or service they take with AuStudyAuStudyCoins is virtual money in the individual student account that they can use to pay for products and services from our catalog.

Our service is to advise international students who wish to study Australia to take English, vocational or university courses, or the combination of them. Our obsession to make use of technology has an explanation: the trend is the online business with attention without working hours.

The excellence in courses offered by our education providers, the high quality care we offer, honesty, competitive prices, 24/7 online services and value-added services make us the best choice when selecting a study agency.

Our target market is Latino and European students.


See what our students say about AuStudy. The best way to grow as a company is due to positive experiences our students tell their friends about themselves and our service. Read their reviews here: Testimonials (in Spanish)


The idea of starting the company began from the personal experience of its founders. This project originated in their extensive personal experiences. Andrés was a typical case of an international student in Australia: courses, application to permanent residence (with validation of his occupation) and obtaining his citizenship. Eduardo, on the other hand, obtained validation from outside of Australia and obtained its residence without having studied in the country.

The combination of their experience technical knowledge, gave rise to the idea of a non-traditional study agency where technology is the fundamental axis to centralize processes and offer a free service of advice of quality to international students.



AuStudy offers free advice for the selection of English, technical / vocational and University courses under an online recruitment model. The process includes support in applying to the student visa to the Australian Embassy, orientation in taking the medical examination, acquiring insurance, translating documents and preparing the trip, including the available accommodation options.

Once the student arrives in Australia, we personally receive the student at the airport at no cost. No other agencies do! We take him to the place where he is going to live, we accompany him to the opening of the savings account, we give him a SIM card for his cellular team with the first month of the included plan and we realize the application for the obtaining of TFN (code of the office of taxes, requirement to work in the country). In addition, we give you the public transport card that includes the first week of charge, we offer a tour inside or outside the city (in some study packages) and visit to the chosen educational institution before starting classes, as well as orientation to move from your house to the train station, or tram stop, nearby. We explain how public transport works in the city and guide you in installing the most needed applications on your cell phone. We do more for you!



Our advisory service is offered from Melbourne, Australia, using digital channels, using our web platform, model that allows us to reduce costs and invest the money in value-added services at no cost to the student. We have identified the needs that impact a student from the time he plans his trip to when he arrives in Australia, so that we know how to live his experience without trauma and take over the process from the beginning.

English courses: We focus on offering English study packages with a fixed number of weeks. This can change the number of weeks of course, as well as opt for other institutions with which we have agreement and are not within the package. However, the packages we pre-designed have more benefits in terms of the free services we include in them, which helps in saving a good amount of money that the student would have to pay separately, as he should do with the traditional study agencies.

Technical / Vocational courses: They are courses that allow the student to acquire technical knowledge to improve their skills in certain disciplines. You must have a certain level of English to be accepted to these courses. They include: certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas n areas of health, business, marketing, project management, sports, aesthetic care, cooking, elder care, technical occupations in electricity, locksmithing, among others.

University courses: We have agreements with the best Australian universities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Postgraduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters). The student must meet academic, language and sometimes work experience requirements for certain university courses.



Due to its technological nature, Austudy has a robust and stable information system that allows the user to interact directly with it, having at hand the functionalities required to follow up on its application of principle end 24 hours a day.


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